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Organic SEO Marketing Strategy

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Slowly build 1000+ relevant 1 way links
  • Create "hosted Marketing Pages"
  • Set up a "deep link" program of external links
  • Created sitemap page where SEO pages are launched
  • Set up social networking at the top social sites
  • Build several weblogs, set up RSS feeds
  • Submit your press release
  • Notify 30 search engines about item 4
  • Submit top related articles about your business
  • Develop an update procedure to update items 3,4,5
  • Create additional offsite weblogs and notify SEs
  • Place your website link to link affiliated websites
  • Social book marketing to build link popularity
  • Place your website link to link affiliated websites
  • Make you money!



PPC Management with Digital Vertex

Maximize the return on your marketing investment with Digital Vertex's PPC program

Because you pay for PPC only when an ad is clicked, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversions, and determine your ROI. Cost-per-conversions are valuable when comparing your PPC campaign ROI against other marketing tactics. Data is reported accurately and correctly and campaign results can be tracked extensively.

Speed-to-market – PPC ads can be launched quickly, bringing in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.

Reach – Additional traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your online visibility and helping you establish your company as a leader in your industry.

Highly-targeted website traffic–Assigning different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic. PPC ads can be scheduled to run during the best sales periods and in specific geographic regions.

Testing Capabilities– PPC is a great way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, enabling you to determine if a full site optimization campaign is worthwhile. It’s also great for landing page A/B testing, allowing you to direct traffic to your choice of different pages of your site in order to find which pages convert at the highest rate.

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Client Retention Marketing

One of the biggest tasks facing many businesses today is gaining and keeping prospective customers. Increasingly, most companies are turning to the newsletters as an effective way to market their products and services. Digital Vertex will set up a customized program to design and blast out your promotions and company information to your client database.

  • Effective communication
  • Brand recondition
  • Increase client loyalty
  • Increase website traffic
  • Cost effective
  • Communicate sale information
  • Present company's expertise
  • Longer shelf life
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Social Media Marketing and Branding with Instagram and Facebook 

  • 3 postings per week
  • Relative hastagging
  • Related likes for reciprocation
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